Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Never too Late to be Thankful!

I didn't do that Facebook thing a lot of people did/are doing where each day they post something they're thankful for.  I also was so wrapped up in the holiday and having Abby & Matt home that I never even pre-blogged a Thanksgiving post or got it up! (Nevertheless, I did think about it while Abby and I were on our Wednesday adventure and spent like an hour trying to find a place to eat!)  So, since I never posted last week, I still wanted to take the time to list a few things I'm thankful for:

  • The given. friends & family.
  • Those who have to work on the holidays, such as nurses. They make it possible for families to spend the holidays with their loved ones who can't be home (much like we did with Ganny a couple years ago)
  • My car.  It gets me from point A to point B with no problems at all. And it's heated, which is extra nice in this cold weather!
  • Matt only has a couple more weeks left at Longwood.  While it's a bittersweet time, I'm very excited that when he left to go back yesterday, it was my last time really saying "goodbye" to him! Soon, we'll be just eleven minutes away from each other (give or take a few, depending on who's driving, since apparently I'm a slower driver, haha).
  • All the girls who said they'd be bridesmaids or maid of honor in the wedding next June! I'm very excited to have Abby, Mallory, Emily, Brooke, Gabby and Alison all standing beside me on that special day!  Plus, Abby, who is the MOH, is right on the same wavelength as me, and we have lists out the wazoo and we both have a wedding binder! haha.
  • My camera. While I may not always take a great picture and while not everyone will always like my pictures, I love taking pictures so much.  Even if I'm just in the car, see something outside I like, whip out my camera and take a picture without even looking at the settings or thinking about the glare I'll get off the window...haha.
  • The internet.  No joke.  I'm thankful that from this day in age, I can apply for jobs (like it's no body's business..) from my kitchen table or laying in bed.  It's very convenient, instead of having to run all over the place from location to location with a bunch of copies of my resume.
  • On Demand.  I get to participate in fun activities, such as volleyball, and On Demand allows me to catch up on my favorite shows a day later! (i.e.: Dancing with the Stars.  We ALWAYS have to watch the Results show Wednesday evening, so it's kind of a challenge to quickly skim social media during the day so I don't see the results!!)

    and last, but not least.
  • Social media.  I love my blog.  The end.

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