Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holidays at Longwood!

Anyone who goes or went to Longwood can tell you that one of the best things about the school is all of the traditions! The holidays are the BEST at Longwood! I can remember walking to 8am classes in the mornings of November and being so excited about seeing wreaths hanging up on the buildings, red bows, candles, and THE TREE!  There's even a tree lighting ceremony, similar to the Grand Illuminations in the Richmond area.

Joanie on the Stony is moved from the middle of the room in Ruffner and a huge tree is put in her place.  Not to worry, because Joanie is still there, with poinsettias surrounding her.  Either my junior or senior year (is it bad that I already can't remember??), I remember walking to class in Ruffner and they were just starting to put the tree up! Usually, I just see the finished product, but it was really cool to see the process from start to finish!  It's just sooo pretty! On Sunday, Mom and I drove to Longwood after church so we could see the tree.  And, Abby and Matt also got a meal out of the trip! haha.  Please enjoy these pictures of Christmastime at Longwood!

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