Monday, November 12, 2012

Over the Edge : Richmond, VA

Several weeks ago, my Dad participated in an Over the Edge event called Toss the Boss.  This is a huge fundraiser for the Special Olympics and I had never heard of it before, but it's pretty cool!  Each participant raises a minimum of $1,000 before they then repel down the Suntrust building in Richmond, VA.  The Suntrust building is 26 stories, or 400 feet high. NO THANK YOU! I was quite content on the ground watching.  C&F Bank, where my Dad works, raised $13,000 and if I remember correctly, raised the largest amount...I hope I'm remembering that right.  They had some employees repel on Thursday, but Dad was scheduled for Friday morning. 

I got there early with Dad so that I could take pictures up on the observation level before they got suited up and went to the roof!  It was pretty cool because everyone who was going to be repelling was up there waiting and getting ready, and there were people dressed up!! You'll see pictures below of some of my favorites, but I never even thought of that! When we got there, the girls working the registration table said the Nutzy (The Richmond Flying Squirrels mascot) and the Hardee's Star went yesterday....Okay, I wouldn't even want to go in regular clothes, let alone a huge costume!

I later went downstairs and outside to meet up with two of my aunts, Diane & Vickie.  Shortly after, Mom arrived from work, then Stephanie who works with Dad, and our good family friend, Donnie.

Since C&F was a sponsor or partner of the event, they had a couple banners hanging up...

Yeah....this happened, haha.  He was probably praying that the ropes wouldn't snap..
The view...and this was only from the observation floor...not all the way at the top!
It's a bird...It's a plane...No, It's Batman!
And then Robin arrived!

 Getting the gear on...

It was a long waiting game because they got behind a little bit, so we went across the street to sit down, and still had a great view.  Here are a few flower pictures I took...

It was really neat to see everyone dressed up in costumes!

Here were the first two C&F guys to go on this day, Ryan & Don.

That bigger spec at the top...that's Dad.

Then, we ran into the building, ran to the elevator to go up to the observation floor to take pictures.  It's kind of funny because they couldn't see us through the windows, they're mirrored from the outside.  So when they got there, we just had to knock on the windows and they knew to stop so we could take pictures! 

These few pictures I was pretty upset about. For whatever crazy reason, my camera flash was on and I had no idea...That's why the bottom half of the pictures are all white and faded.  I probably didn't realize it because it was such a short period of time that we were up there, but when I got downstairs and was looking at the pictures on my camera, I was so mad!!

Then we ran back downstairs to get pictures as they finished coming down.

I kept running back and forth across the street to get pictures, which wasn't as easy as it sounds.  Next year, they just need to close off that street! You would've thought it would've been!

I love this picture because it kind of looks like Dad was looking at me while I was taking the picture (I'm sure he wasn't...haha)

Almost to the ground...
The C&F group...

After several hours of standing there looking up, my neck was KILLING me! Heck, my neck hurts just from writing about it! hahaha.....but I'm not kidding, lol.

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