Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Fall!

I've had so much fun decorating for Fall this year! I've just been so very excited for all of the holidays coming up!!

Our excitement and love for Fall is shown all throughout our house, as we've bought some pretty great decorations!

I could try to come up with a mumble-jumble of words to fill in this space, but I'd rather just show you pictures!

Here's our kitchen table:

The jars of honey from Matt's grandparent's anniversary party go so well with the fall colors!

All of these leaves and pumpkins were leftover from the stems I used to make our wreath!

I bought everything on this tray for just $7.00! Yay for Michael's already having Halloween decor on clearance ;)
{We bought the tray at the end of August, when we had a great coupon!}

I was excited to make this decoration with things I already had at the house: an old pesto jar, tissue paper that we bought for wrapping wedding gifts for our wedding party, and Modge Podge! So simple, yet adds some color!

I put more of those leaves and stems by our TV.
Bonus points if you know what movie I was watching ;)

I then made this Fall garland that matches that jar I made.

We went to 2 different places to buy our pumpkins and vegetables--Pole Green Market and Gallmeyer's Pumpkin Patch.

These three little pumpkins were from the pumpkin patch.

Pole Green had all of their small pumpkins and gourds 2 for $1.00, so we got right many!  
These were 2 of Matt's favorites that he picked out:

And, for some bonus pictures, I took some pictures at Pole Green when we went on Saturday--in the rain!!

And our trip to the pumpkin patch Monday afternoon!

I took this picture as I left for work yesterday morning.

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