Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our Wedding: Candy Bar

If you asked every guest to our wedding if they received their favor, my guess would be that at least 75% of our guests DID NOT. The only reason I'm making this assumption is because of the huge amount of candy we're STILL eating from the wedding!!

We had a candy bar set up, displayed with a variety of candies --yes, all within our color scheme, with the exception of the yellow Starbursts..haha-- for our guests to fill up a treat bag to take home.  However, I'm guessing not many people walked over to that area of the room, or didn't stop by to take a look, because like I said, we have so much candy leftover!!

Mom and I searched for various size jars and glasses to display the candy on the table.  We also bought plastic bags and silver twist ties for guests to fill and take with them at the end of the night.  And, because we like deals so much, we found tons of sheets of letter stickers at Dollar Tree, marked down to 25 cents a sheet, so we bought ALL of the Ns, because we figured we'd probably find a use for them for wedding
stuff.  Sure enough, because one night, Matt and I sat at his house putting the N stickers on all of the candy bags! 

Unfortunately, we don't have a picture of the candy bar, but here is the sign we had displayed in a frame on the table.

If it's hard for you to read it, it says:

Step right up to the candy buffet,
It's a sweet addition to a wonderful day.

This is a treat we are offering you,
On this beautiful day when we say "I do."

Use the scoop, choose what you like,
Leave some for others, be polite.

As you enjoy your bag of treats,
Please remember, Love is Sweet.

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