Monday, October 14, 2013

Longwood University's Oktoberfest

I'm so glad that even though I've graduated, I've still been able to go to Oktoberfest each year!  It's always so fun watching the parade, the Spirit Leaders and Klowns performances, and walking through all the booths! What was really weird this year, was that I saw so few familiar faces working the booths--I guess that's what happens when you've been gone almost two years.

This year's Oktoberfest was 90s themed! How awesome! It was so fun to see all the fun ways the booths were decorated {you'll see pictures of them below!} and the song choices played throughout were awesome!

I snagged this picture to the right from the Longwood University Mortar Board page, because I definitely wanted to share the fun Spirit Day themes.....and can we talk about how awesome the logo is???

You may remember my post from last year about Oktoberfest, when Abby was a Spirit Leader!  Unfortunately, I neglected to post all my pictures from Oktoberfest during my senior year, when Matt was a Klown, and I was on Mortar Board contributing to the planning and working of Oktoberfest :(

Hope you enjoy my pictures of this extremely HOT Oktoberfest!! {What was with all the 90 degrees last week/weekend and then all the cloudiness/rain this past week?? Definitely some crazy Virginia weather we've been seeing...}

Matt's little, Dani, was voted Mr. Oktoberfest!

Time for the dances!
It was so great to see familiar faces performing!

The Klowns' performance was Boy Bands vs. Girl Bands. SO GREAT!

Sigma Kappa's Friends themed banner:

One booth was selling personalized slap bracelets! Definitely a throwback to the 90s!

I'm especially partial to the Longwood Ambassador's was definitely a favorite!

And, a current familiar face, as he recently performed on Dancing with the Stars!

To see more pictures, be sure to check out the Oktoberfest 2013 album on the Longwood University Facebook page!

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