Thursday, October 24, 2013

This Week I Love...

I wanted to start something new, kind of like a little "series," where I just share things I'm currently loving.  It can be anything from food, TV shows, the weather, etc.....after reading this, you'll see how random the lists can be! I think I'll title them, "This Week I Love...," which is pretty self explanatory, haha.  So, here's the first one!

1. The fall weather--While I do miss the warmer weather, I'm glad to be able to wear scarves again! I love scarves!

2. Target Cartwheel App--If you haven't tried this, you definitely need to! Especially if you're like me and make several trips to Target in a week! ;)  I had seen several deals on the app for 20% of cardigans, long sleeved shirts, etc., but Mom told me that Target already had all of their cardigans marked down AND you can use to extra 20% off! So, I went last night to grab a new cardigan! You can only use one of each deal during a single transaction, but you can use the deal up to six
times a day {in separate transactions}.

3. ABFamily's 13 Nights of Halloween--When this is on, it really feels like the whole holiday season of October-December is here! Last night, while watching ABCFamily, I actually saw the commercial for the Countdown to the 25 Days of Christmas commercial! It's coming, friends!!

4. Matt's record player--I love finding new records that I know I'll like, but he'll look at me like, "you really just bought that?" But don't worry, I've only bought them from Goodwill, for just $1 each!

5. Volleyball--Matt, Mom and I are going into our third season playing volleyball at church.  I love playing so much, even though I know I'm not a super great player. I don't even care about keeping score, to be honest. I just love to play for fun!

6. Music played at school--To recognize Bully Awareness Week at school, during class changes on Monday, one of our counselors played motivational/make-you-feel-good music.  Everyone loved it, and it was so nice to have music playing for a little bit!  Not even gonna lie, I was way excited when one of the songs was "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction......if you've been reading my blog since the summer, you know why ;) haha

7. Catching Fire--It officially comes out in less than a month! Yesterday, I pre-orded tickets for Matt and me, as well as reserved our seats at Cinébistro! SO excited to be going back there--we only go for movies we know we'll really enjoy, which up until now, have all been superhero movies! haha.

8. Awesome Goodwill finds!!--In addition to finding fun records to listen to, I've been finding great things to use for crafting....hopefully some of those things will be shown soon! I'm hoping to make one my weekend project coming up--we'll see how that goes!

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