Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Beach Boys

When I first found out The Beach Boys were going to be here in Richmond, I knew I had to go!

Matt recently bought a Beach Boys album that we've listened to several times, so I was already in the mood to go!

Last Wednesday, Mom and I each left work, changed real quick and were back out the door to head out to Innsbrook!  We got some dinner, and went to find a place to put our chairs!  Without saying what food we had in particular, the food we bought for dinner was just unbearable.  I will say that it was supposed to have some "kick" to it, but it just tasted all wrong, and we each threw away over half our plates! But, we did make up for it later by buying funnel cakes! :)

If you follow me on Instagram, that you've probably already seen these videos.  I knew I was probably annoying everyone by posting them, but I really wanted to have videos saved from the concert {and the regular video camera on my phone is always questionable..}.

So, here are some pictures from the night, as well as the videos I took! And thanks to my mom for getting that picture at the top, since I couldn't ever catch it on the screen!


Surfin' Safari

While they were singing "Surfer Girl," everyone had their phones out...

Mom and me..

That's my cousin, BJ, on the left taking a video, and his fiancée, Julia {mom also works with her!}, in front of us!

And then they started talking about John Stamos, so I could think about was this episode of Full House.
Wouldn't It Be Nice

When it came time to perform God Only Knows, they did something very cool.  They had videos of Carl Wilson singing the song in old performances, as well as old pictures of the group on a slideshow, while the Beach Boys & band played the music and sang the back up vocals during the song.  It was really neat!

Good Vibrations


Fun, Fun, Fun

If the Beach Boys are ever able to come back to Richmond, or anywhere nearby, I would definitely go again! It was such a fun concert!!

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Nina Diane said...

I'm sure that was a really good time! I would have been singing along with every single song! haha