Tuesday, October 15, 2013

State Fair of Virginia

Last Sunday, we went to the State Fair and I was SO excited we were able to go, because we all hadn't been in several years! I love everything about the fair, and this year was no exception!

The only complaint I would have, would be the high-80 degree weather on the last day of the fair. Um..in my book, it's supposed to be "hoodie weather" when the fair is here! haha.  Okay, now that the complain is out of the way, time for the fun stuff!

We walked around looking at the animals, went inside the agriculture buildings looking at all the prize vegetables, pies, jams, etc., and all of the different crafts! I love looking at all the crafty things in there.  We went inside mine and Abby's favorite building with all of the booths set up..because we can usually find some cute stuff in there to buy! Unfortunately, no such luck this year, but she did get some of the candied almonds and shared with me :)  We watched a little roping,
gun shooting show which was pretty cool...something different. We ate at the good ol' Virginia Tech tent with their yummy chicken platters, we watched the high school rodeo, and the Demolition Derby--mine and mom's favorite!  And, to top it all off, at the end of the day, I got my cotton candy that I'd been thinking of and talking about for three days leading up to the fair! haha

Sorry, but this chicken just looks like a freak..haha.


We've love these ducks and look forward to seeing them each year! 
These next three pictures show why...

They sure did have some pretty flowers!

Matt checking out the blue ribbon art piece made from bottle caps...

I love the Literary Tables for Two. Here was my favorite this year, based on the Wizard of Oz!

Abby and Mom checking out the puppy table display.
Why do I feel like Abby might do this for Annie sometime? ;)

Dad checking out the wooden lamps..

This is Princess Horse Dancer...and yes, she really is a Princess!

I couldn't believe it, but this stand had the Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe and Bacon Cheeseburger....thanks, but I think I'll pass!

As we got closer to the rodeo arena, I was listening to the announcer and just KNEW I was hearing a familiar voice.  It took me forever to realize where the announcer was, and then I was thankful to have my telephoto lens with me to zoom in just to be sure.....and sure enough, there was Candice!! It was so fun listening to her announce all the contestants!

Here is the one cowboy we knew--Blaine. He's my cousin Alison's best friend's brother.  Did you get lost? haha My sister knows him better than I do, but it's always fun to watch someone you know!

This is all of our FAVORITE game to play at the fair!!

This is one of my favorite rides, however, this year we did buy any ride tickets.

Time for some Demolition Derby!

I'm not gonna lie, when "Lightning McQueen" won, I definitely said, "KA-CHOW!"

During the second run, I had a much harder time taking pictures...so here are the few I did take.

And this is really how the run ended..with the last three cars stuck like this! lol

FINALLY! What a great ending to a great day!

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