Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our Wedding: Mistress of Ceremonies & Wedding Decorator

Thank you to my awesome cousin and
bridesmaid, Brooke, for letting me use this picture!!
Now that I've gotten through all of the ceremony pictures, and before I go on about any other wedding details, there is still another HUGE Thank You that needs to be given!

Our wonderful day wouldn't have come together if it weren't for two awesome people leading everyone.  My Aunt Sherrie was our Mistress of Ceremonies and her best friend and a wonderful friend of our family, Kelly, made sure everything was set up for us!

Prior to the wedding, Sherrie & Kelly came over to our house several times for dinner and/or dessert to discuss wedding details.  After the first meeting, Kelly knew exactly how everything was going to be set up, and we knew all of our decorations were in good hands!  Our upstairs den had basically become Wedding Central, so we just went through everything, showing them different details, centerpieces, etc., etc.

We had already all been to the Science Museum for our last walk through to actually see where everything would be set up, how tables would be arranged, etc., but our rehearsal was so great to confirm everything!  Plus, it would be fresh in our minds :)

On wedding day, Aunt Sherrie made sure everyone was lined up correctly, whichever groomsman was escorting a grandparent was ready, reminded the flower girls not to run down the aisle, and our ceremony went so great!  But, she did all of those tasks after also helping out to decorate! We had so many helping
hands :)

Kelly was so willing to arrive at the Science Museum to set up at whatever time we wanted.  We took into consideration when deliveries would be made, when certain areas could start being set up, etc., and she was there ready to work!  Like I said, Kelly already knew exactly how everything was to be put out, and we had some helping hands for her to direct when setting up.  Abby recruited six of her very wonderful Sigma sisters to help out, too!  We will forever be grateful for Madi, Hayley, Courtney, Brittney, Erin and Melissa for giving us their Saturday afternoon and evening to help set up for our wedding!! 

One of my favorite parts of the evening happened to be when cocktail hour was ending, and all of the wedding party was outside lining up for the entrance into the reception.  All of the sisters were leaving and Matt and I were able to stop and talk to them for a few minutes.  Even though they'd already been given Thank You cards from us, I was so glad we were able to see them and thank them personally for all of their work! I didn't even think we'd get to see them that evening, so it was a nice surprise!

After the wedding, we found out that another wonderful person in our lives, Ms. Dick, also helped out in setting up for our reception.  For those who don't know, Ms. Dick was our Key Club adviser and Teacher Cadet teacher in high school, and has remained a part of our lives since!  Ms. Dick is always always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone, and even though she didn't have to, we're so thankful that she added her touch to our decorations!

Once again, to Aunt Sherrie and Kelly, all of the sisters {as we continuously referred to them when talking about the wedding}, and Ms. Dick, a million times THANK YOU for making our wedding so beautiful!  Everything came out exactly how we had envisioned it, but our visions never would've come true if it weren't for all of you generous people giving us your time on a Saturday, to make the best day of our lives so perfect!!

Right before we went inside for the reception, I asked Steven & Lily if Aunt Sherrie and I could get a picture together.  I love this picture and framed it and gave it to Sherrie for her birthday last week! :)

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