Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our Wedding: Reception - Entrances and Dances

 Just as a heads up, this is another topic that's going to take more than one blog post to talk about!

When cocktail hour was coming to a close, the wedding party was finishing up pictures as the rest of our guests headed inside to find their seats for dinner.  All of the wedding party and our parents sat out front of The Science Museum for a few minutes because there wasn't really anything we had to be doing at the moment.  It was a fun quick time hanging out with everyone.  Then, it was time to line up to be called in to the reception!  As we got closer and closer to the door, I loved looking through all the glass doors and looking around at everyone! haha. 

Our wonderful DJ finally introduced us as Mr. & Mrs. Matt D. Nolte and I remember walking through some of the tables to get to the front for our first dance.  I was very excited, but also kind of anxious because I
hate being the center of attention, and once again, I was having 150+ people watching me! lol. {Up til the wedding, I kept telling Matt how much I hated that and he said, "well, you're just going to have to get over that real quick for one day!" haha} I was trying to watch where I was going, but I also wanted to take in all of the centerpieces and everything throughout that we worked hard for months to prepare!

Matt & I had our first dance, then there was the Father/Daughter dance & Mother/Son dance. 

My parents

Matt's parents

Josh & Alison

Nick & Gabby

Noah & Brooke

Jesse & Emily

Stephen & Mallory

Mike & Abby

Ashleigh & Victoria

Mr. & Mrs. Matt D. Nolte!

Matt and I danced to Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbi Caillat. 
{Again, I'll have the videos of all the songs at the end of this post!}
AND, fun fact, after all of the dances, we found out that we had the same First Dance song as our photographers!! Awesome!

For the Father/Daughter dance, Dad and I danced to Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman.

 For the Mother/Son dance, Matt and his mom danced to My Wish by Rascal Flatts.

Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman

My Wish by Rascal Flatts

More Reception pictures to come tomorrow!!

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