Monday, July 22, 2013

Our Wedding: Reception - Random Pictures

While I'm definitely the type of person who enjoys structure and having a very detailed timeline to get through the day, I also enjoy those rare moments during our reception where we didn't have to be standing over at the cake table or we didn't have to be posing for a picture.  Like I said, those moments were rare, but we enjoyed them!

I loved looking back through our pictures and seeing all of our friends and family who joined us in dancing, who had the best photobombed picture, and who really looks like they had a great time! I love this time when so many people we love from different points in our lives or different sides of the families all came together to just have fun! :)

And, as you look through these pictures, try to see if you can figure out who didn't make as many appearances on the dance floor ;)

The pendulum in the middle of the rotunda provided great entertainment!
Here's Blake, Parker and Carter!

Now this is a kid who knows how to dance!!
He was so great, and had a huge circle around him!


Ever since they first met each other, our flower girls became great friends!
When they picked out their dresses, they were twirling around in the store..
I love this picture of them finally dancing all dressed up!

Matt's cousins, Holly, Ashleigh and Brooke

 Thanks to everyone for coming out to dance!

What a sweet picture of my Aunt Vickie dancing with Papa!

My cousin, B.J., and his new fiancée, Julia!

Holly and her dad

Josh and Emma

Loved dancing with the little girls!


Me dancing with the birthday girl, Emma!!

Brittany, Robin and Nick!

Lindsay and Christopher

Here's my sister and me with our good friend, Brandy!

Here's a picture of my dad, his siblings, and Memaw and Papa..

 ....and here are two pictures of a hilarious photo bomb!

My mom, her sisters, and Papa


Lori Vann said...

I thought I saw Matt's head in one of the dancing photos..but maybe that's it! I love seeing your pics, because there are so many people from my childhood I love seeing!

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