Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our Wedding: Our Parents

Yesterday, you got to meet our wedding party!  There are also some more faces you'll see throughout
many of the pictures, and some of you may not know who they are!

Today's post is all about 4 people who made the whole wedding weekend happen, our parents.  Many hands went in to helping actually make the wedding happen, but without theirs, we wouldn't have been able to have such a wonderful June weekend to look back on!

Matt's parents started off the weekend by hosting our rehearsal dinner, following the wedding rehearsal, and it was great! I don't want to say too many details now, as those will all come tomorrow! :)

My parents hosted {is that the right word to say? ha} our wedding on June 8th, and we were so happy with their generosity to make the day happen, and have all of our friends and family their with us!

During the planning process, we all had our assigned jobs, tasks, etc., so that some people weren't overloaded with everything. {I'll get more into the planning process in a later post}  This really helped, and we couldn't thank our parents any more for all of the work they did to give us such a great weekend!

So, again, a huge "thank you" to all of our parents for the long hours we all spent planning, planning, and more planning, to make sure everything was done, and for making our wedding weekend so perfect! :)

Here are some formal pictures of us with our parents.  Don't worry, I'll definitely be posting more pictures of us with our parents as I go through all of my wedding blog posts! :)

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