Friday, July 26, 2013

Our Wedding: Special Moments

As we looked through our wedding pictures with each other,
then with our families, and then as I went through them choosing pictures to post on here, I realized there were so many pictures that made you say "aww" or that were just really cool moments from the day that I'm so glad were caught on camera!

These are why I love pictures so much.  Of course, I love the posed pictures, or at least the pictures where you know the event happened, but you still have the memories to look at {i.e. our first dance}.  These moments that Steven and Lily caught are special because I know I, for one, never saw many of them, but they're so neat to look back on!

Years from now, whenever we look back at our wedding pictures, I'm going to love having candid pictures like these, that show real excitement and emotion from the day :)

So, I'll be honest, I had something really funny I needed to tell Matt, and it was such a relief when I was finally able to get him aside for a second to tell him! haha

 I just love this picture of me with Papa!

Hmm...I think this was our only few seconds really by ourselves? haha

I know I shared this one already, but it really belongs in the Special Moments post, too. 

And, nothing says "Congratulations" like a high five from your best friend!"

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