Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our Wedding: Pictures of Us

You may or may not have noticed, but when sharing all of these beautiful pictures from our wedding, I didn't include that many of just Matt & me.  That's because I was saving them all for one post! {Okay, that kind of sounds a bit on the selfish side...haha}

I love love love all of these pictures, mainly because I enjoyed the time when they were taken so much!  Those few minutes we had to take pictures of just the two of us were some of the only minutes we were together that evening! And those minutes flew by! Sure, we ate dinner beside each other, but we were also with our entire bridal party, because we wanted all of them to enjoy dinner with us. Okay, they all probably actually ate dinner, whereas, we did not. haha.

Looking at these pictures just makes me love our photographers, Steven and Lily even more!  The pictures they took are totally what I had imagined having to print out and hang in our house one day!

This isn't all of them, just a few of the favorites I picked out of the group to share!

And how perfect that the banners hanging at the Science Museum matched our wedding colors perfectly?!

Oh, and how about these awesome pictures during the reception?!  I remember Steven, coming over to Matt & me, and saying that whenever we got a chance, he'd like for us to go and try this picture. Matt and I looked at each other like, "now!" and we did just that!  Prior to the wedding, Matt and I were definitely on the same page about not only wanting pictures from the wedding, but great and memorable pictures from the wedding.  We'd do whatever it took to get wonderful pictures to have forever!  And, I'm so glad we did, because these next couple are amazing!

I mean, COME ON. What a fantastic idea they had!  Plus, had we not taken this picture, Matt and I never would have been able to look down on the reception and really take everything in!  Few people knew we were even up there taking pictures, as they were all eating dinner, but it was still very neat to look around and see EVERYONE.


Nina Diane said...

those last 2 I love....and yes, I was one of the ones that saw ya'll up there so I just knew that was going to be a great picture!

Lori Vann said...

Love the last ones! What a special almost "secret" moment you got to have! I haven't been in the science museum since right after I graduated high school (and we won't discuss how long ago that was - cough*15yrs*cough). Such a beautiful place and a beautiful bride!