Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our Wedding: Reception - Send Off

For when the time came for Matt and I to leave our reception,  I wanted to do something different.  I didn't want to do rice...just so not us.  I didn't want to do bubbles...it would be dark, after all, and they wouldn't show up too well at night.  I didn't want to do sparklers {even though I love fireworks!}...because so many other people do it.  One day, an idea just came to me.  I literally have no idea where I pulled this idea from, but once I had it, I was going with it!

Our send off would include Glow Sticks! I was so excited about this idea, and wanted to keep it a surprise, since it was something I'd never seen before.  Only a couple people knew this is what we'd be doing :)

After searching online to find a site where you could get the best deal for ordering a bulk of glow sticks in three particular colors, we had about 250 pink, orange and green glow sticks!  I printed off tags that my mom and sister helped to cut out, hole punch and tie them onto the
glow sticks.  The tags said, "Snap it, shake it, and wave it...to give the newlyweds a colorful exit!"  While I love the black and white picture of our exit, I love the color version at the bottom where you can see the pink, orange and green we used!  I also love seeing our friends and family lined up, because honestly, I don't remember seeing anyone as I walked by, exit for Aunt Sherrie {because she had been joking leading up to the wedding that she would throw them at us! haha}.

When it was time to leave, we somehow ended up with SO MANY glow sticks in Matt's truck, and there were some tied to the front, the antenna, etc., but I think someone had to take them off.  There were so many in the truck with us, that when we drove off, I grabbed a handful and threw them back out the window!  I didn't throw TOO many, because I didn't want to hurt anyone!

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