Monday, September 9, 2013

D.C. Day Trip

A couple months ago, Matt and I headed up to Northern Virginia for the weekend for a wedding! One of Matt's Phi Mu Delta littles, Ben was getting married!  It was so cool to go to our of first "college friends weddings," as we knew Ben and his fiancee, Carrie, through several organizations at Longwood!  Of course, Matt and Ben know each other through Phi Mu Delta, Carrie and I were in Longwood Ambassadors together, and we all worked for RCL!  It was also fun to have see some Longwood friends we hadn't seen in a while!

Since the wedding wasn't until late afternoon/evening, we decided to make a whole trip of it!

We left bright and early Saturday morning so that we could head straight into D.C.  We spent some time walking from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial and back, and then went to one of the Smithsonian Museums.  Did I mention we lucked out with a
SERIOUSLY awesome parking spot right there on the mall?? Well, we did!  We only went in one museum, so we already know we want to go back so we can hit up more!!

We didn't wast the Sunday after the wedding either....We hit up IKEA and Matt came home with 2 new awesome leather chairs he's been looking for!  The Man Cave is looking more and more complete ;)

Here are some pictures from our day in D.C. Enjoy!

If you can't tell by how my hair is matted down, yet still frizzy on the was HOT. All kinds of hot.

Time for the Museum of Natural History!

Perry's ancestors..

 This was both of our favorite section of the museum--all of the rocks and gems! 
I could stay in there forever!
I wanted to take pictures of everything!!

This is my favorite from the whole section!!

Looking at Matt through a crystal ball..

One last look at the museum..

And I'll end this post with several pictures of our nation's capitol.
I can't wait to go back to see more things and take even more pictures!! :)

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