Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our Experience at the Redskins Preseason Game

I know, I know, I DIDN'T post a blog yesterday.  I had every intention to {according to my blog calendar}, but, due to several things, I just needed a break!

Several weeks ago, Matt and I had a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Seriously.  We were able to do something we'll most likely never get to do again. 

And we have to give a big thanks to Matt's brother--unfortunately, he wasn't able to use these tickets he got, so he shared them with us! I will forever be thankful because it was so cool!

Neither Matt or I had ever been to a big sporting event before.  I mean, we've been to baseball games here in Richmond, but honestly, those aren't BIG. You know what I mean?  So, number 1: this was our first time going to a big game like this!  Number 2: we got to watch the game from the Cintas Corporate Box. Super cool!

We had an awesome parking spot, right in the premium lot, so we didn't have to walk far! As soon as we crossed the street, we got to see the Redskins Marching Band walking up to go into the stadium!

Our view from the box!

We were the first ones to get there, so, naturally, I took pictures of everything without feeling like someone was looking at me thinking, "okay, she's really taking pictures of all of this?" But, let's face it.  Matt was thinking that the whole time. haha.

I'm pretty sure I saw these and said something like, "dude--we don't even have to pay for programs!" haha

I look at this picture and wonder HOW I'm not even looking at the camera...when I'm the one who took the picture!

I know this is hard to read {I even brightened the picture a whole lot to even see the screen}, but it's the band in formation saying "Go Skins."

Here comes the team!

When we were on our way out, I stopped to take this picture looking out, because I really didn't even realize how high up we were!

And, the picture I Instagrammed post-game :)

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