Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Meet Annie!

Two weeks before the wedding, Mom and Abby went to pick up this cute little puppy!

This little thing has had many names in her life already, but now she's stuck with Annie forever :)

On her first day home with the family, Annie got to go with us to the Memorial Day Parade in Sandston.  She was such a good puppy, and only got scared when the marching band came by! haha.

She liked being with Matt :)

When waiting for the parade, she laid right down in from of Mom's feet for most of the time.

Abby is Annie's best friend. She loves her.

She doesn't really bite you, she just likes to put your finger or arm in her mouth and hold it there.

See, very calm & enjoying the parade..

Thanks, Abby, for taking these pictures of me with Annie Baby :)

Her favorite place to be is on Abby's bed, even when Abby's not in the room or even home!  {I wonder how she got in that habit..hmmm. ;) }

She likes to play with things 4 times her size, but it is hilarious to watch her run through the yard with a branch like this! She's so prissy!

When she's on the leash, she'll pull so hard to make sure you go where she wants to go.

She does not like Mom raking up leaves on the driveway.. she finds another big branch to play with.

She loves to lay in your lap when you're sitting in the recliner.

She likes to go for car rides.

And geez, would you look at her tongue on the right! haha

She is NOT a fan of the river!

But she does enjoy laying around at the river..

She's not a very good watch dog, as she gets scared easily, and will just sit playing with a stick when someone pulls in the driveway.

She likes to play with new things, like this firewood Matt took over to the house.

Annie has SO MUCH ENERGY it's ridiculous.  You should have seen her a couple weeks ago, when Abby was playing around with her with the hose...that dog suddenly turned into a super dog with warp speed. It was HILARIOUS!

Annie wanted to go back to school with Abby.
She will hop into any car with an open door ;)

Annie saying "bye bye" to Abby!

I can only imagine how excited and happy Annie was when Abby came home last Friday for Labor Day weekend.  Annie went two weeks without her bff, but I'm sure she still spent some time on Abby's bed ;)

Speaking of Labor Day weekend....Annie had a lot of fun at the river being around other dogs! She loves the river, but HATES the water.  She hates it so much that she doesn't even go anywhere NEAR the pier...she's one smart puppy.  So, instead of playing in the water, she spent countless hours playing with Sunny, fighting over who would get the red or black kong, and eating treats out of them!

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Nina Diane said...

she is so cute!! and great pictures!