Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Fall Wreath

It feels like I just shared my summer/wedding wreath with you all, but a couple weeks ago, we took that wreath down and replaced it with a new one!

Since yesterday was the official first day of fall, I figured it's now time to share with you the fall wreath I made!  I had this idea since the summer, so I couldn't wait to finally make it and hang it up! And we didn't wait two seconds to hang it up!

Once school starts, it feels like summer is really over {even though it isn't officially over yet}, so we started putting out some fall decorations, and this wreath was the first to go up! :)

The materials I bought were the wreath, a stem of fall leaves, twine, and a letter N.  All of these were at Michael's, and I was SO excited to find the N in the clearance section for just 49 cents! And, if you've been
reading my blog, then by now you know how much I love cheap stuff ;)

...then I moved outside and used this table/stool to use as a background, and had way too much fun taking pictures, haha.

It took a little bit of time so figure out how I wanted all of the leaves, and to find just the right mixture of the red, orange and yellow leaves.  Here's what I ended up with:

Then came the great debate of to wrap the N in twine as planned, or to leave the N as is.


You can see I chose to not use the twine at all!  Here's the finished product! I love it so much!!

This little arrangement is Matt's special touch on our wreath ;)

And, not to worry, I didn't let all that twine go to waste.  I made some fall coasters/cup holders!
They're a little bit cheesy, but they work and I love them!

If you're interested in more fun fall crafts, be sure to check out this Fall Crafting Party with lots of ideas!

Happy 2nd day of Fall!!

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