Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - It's the final countdown!"

(Yes, the title comes from a show I love, The Singing Bee.  Check it out.)

Today was kind of a bittersweet day. Today was the first day of my last, yes, my last semester at Longwood.  I'm not even sure how that happened.  It feels like just yesterday I was at T.G.I.Friday in Midlothian, meeting my first roommate, Colleen, and her family, and planning out our freshman dorm room! Then, sophomore year, Jordan and I lived together and made a movie/tv/song quote wall in our room (that was also the year the building slightly flooded...sidenote).  Junior year was my first year as a RA, and THAT is the year that flew by the quickest!  Junior year was also the year Matt & I were finally at the same school again.  Then it came: Senior Year.  I came back as a RA again, but on a different staff.  I worried about being on a new and different staff, but we all meshed together so well and so fast! 

And now, my final semester.  I have probably the best class schedule ever and the lightest load credit wise, but I definitely have a few hard classes.  Because of that, I went inactive in Ambassadors in December.  There's only been one other semester when I wasn't Ambassadors, and that was my first semester at Longwood, and only because we weren't allowed to apply yet!  I was tapped into Mortar Board last year, and we planned an Amazing Oktoberfest for 2011, and I can't believe we only have about six more meetings left as a group! By then, the new members will have been initiated and will have begun planning Oktoberfest 2012! Crazy!

So, as this is the first day of the last semester, there's more than just the end of another year at the finish line.  This time, there's GRADUATION!! Which, if you're wondering, is 115 days away.  Yes, 115 days until I will be in my cap & gown, sitting on Wheeler Lawn, waiting to cross that stage and shake P. Finn's hand.

Also, Matt, if you're wondering, 479 days until your graduation!! haha!

Speaking of Matt, 116 days until our 5 year anniversary.  Yep, I'm excited, because I'm ahead of the game and already know what I'm getting for him ;)

And finally, of course, 507 days until Matt & I will be here saying "I do."
P.S. NO, I did not count the days myself...that's too much work!

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