Saturday, January 14, 2012

a new year, a new look!

Wow, where to begin?! How about with the fact that it's 1:39am, and I have been sitting at my desk in front of this computer for the past 2 1/2 hours changing up this blog!  My eyes are probably about to pop out at this point, but once I got started with the changes, I was on a roll!

The other day, I discussed my first post of 2011 and compared things then to things now.  One of those was changing up the layout of my blog.  The last time I changed it was right after the start of 2011 and sometime in December I had already been thinking about changing the layout.  Maybe after a year, I can't keep looking at the same ol' thing! ha.

So I spent too much time sizing up a new header (I probably could've spent less time if I were working at a normal hour...), created a new blog name and blog address, changed up the background, fonts, color, etc. and even added "The Daily Puppy" on the sidebar--I mean, come on, how cute are those little faces??  I even finally figured out how to change the Time Zone Settings to Eastern Time! I don't even know why it was set on Pacific!! haha! I've also spent quiet a bit of time saying, "Oh, duhhhh, Mallory, that's how you do that!"

Anyway, I would love for you to tell me what you think of this layout.  I'm sure you'll see a couple more tweaks within the next few days, but honestly, this is not a normal hour for me to still be awake!!

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Nina Diane said...

I LOVE the new blog....and especially the header pic of you...cute!