Monday, January 23, 2012


So yesterday at Longwood was Walk!  Don't know what Walk is?  It's pretty much one of the most anticipated days of each semester to all of the Greek community, as well as the entire Longwood community!  Walk is when the men or women who are going through Recruitment finishing out the weekend by receiving bids from select sororities/fraternities, and choosing where their new home is!  The sororities don't know who has accepted their bids and they don't find out until the girls' names are called, followed by the sorority of their choice!

My sister went through Recruitment this year, and even though there were some long hours, she loved it and had a great time.  I just blogged about Walk on my Longwood Student Bloggers blog too, and I mentioned my sister's Facebook status from last night: "I woke up with one sister...going to bed with 56 more!"  Still not sure how I feel about sharing her, but I guess this is okay ;)

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