Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cold nights & Pretty lights

This Christmas, as part of mine & my sister's stocking stuffers, Santa gave us tickets to see the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Gardenfest of Lights!  I've been several years in the past, but I never get tired of going!  This year, Matt and I went during the first week of 2012, so even though everyone elses' Christmas spirit was dying down, ours wasn't!....okay, okay.....so maybe it was just mine that wasn't ;)

We picked the best night to go, I think, because it was "bring your dog night" or something and there were dogs everywhere!  All dogs from these itty bitty dogs you just want to curl up with, to HUGE dogs whose top of the head came up to Matt's shoulder, just when standing on all fours! Yeah, that dog was insanely big!  In the middle of the park where they have a hot chocolate & coffee stand, they even had dog biscuits you could buy that night! ha!

Enjoy some pictures from the evening!

"..And I traveled through the seven layers of the Candy Cane Forest..."

These were my favorite trees!!

Proud of Matt for taking this picture! :)
These next two pictures aren't "mess ups."  They had this awesome green light that just shot out white dots everywhere.  Not gonna lie, it was fun to play in, haha!

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Nina Diane said...

I love going there to see the lights! We had our department Christmas party there this year so we walked all over after eating at the party! fun....and great pictures!