Monday, January 16, 2012

Operation Krank

For Christmas with my dad's side of the family, we always do a Chinese Gift Exchange. It's always hilarious to see what people come up with as their gift to bring, and we seriously laugh the WHOLE time!! It's great and I love being around my family!

This year, my cousins and my aunt and uncle were going to the Dominican Republic for Christmas and wanted to save their money for the trip so they did not do the gift exchange, which we had no problem with all! We were glad they still came to celebrate and spend time with us, however, that didn't stop us from a little prank we planned...

They left the Thursday before Christmas, and through tons of back and forth emails, the rest of us decided to go over to their house Friday night to prank them. My cousin Gabby was in on the prank and left us a house key. She had told us at our Christmas get-together that they didn't really have many decorations up since they weren't going to be in town for Christmas. After getting inside we went up to the attack and got all of their Christmas decorations out!! We carried so many boxes downstairs and then just went to town! We didn't care if the decorations looked good....we just wanted them all OUT!

My cousin, Aimee, making their computer desk look very festive!
Mom putting a Christmas tree skirt around the chess table.

My sister, Abby, adding ornaments to the dining room table centerpiece.

Okay, so, they had some water damage that had not been completely fixed yet, so what did we do? Decorate of course!!  Here's Dad putting nails up...

..and the final product!

Aunt Diane and Aunt Vickie! 
You can also read Aunt Diane's post about Operation Krank by clicking here!

Matt putting up one of the small Christmas trees.

And Mom decorating the other small tree!

This is a bench they have in the kitchen...we literally just THREW stuff everywhere!

Who doesn't love a pot full of ornaments on the stove?!

Their Christmas tree was locked away in the this is what Matt and Dad brought in.  And the socks? Those were laying in the den floor when we got there so we used them to decorate!

We raided the fridge..

I combined pictures that I took and Aunt Diane took and made a photo book out of them.  We set up a lot of fun pictures to add at the end, and this was one of them. We were going for the "Home Alone" look. (More about the photobook below.)
So, as I was saying, I put together a photobook to send to them documenting our pranking adventure.  I also wrote a funny "'Twas the night" poem that went throughout the book.
Sorry this picture is turned wrong, it won't upload correctly for some odd reason!

This was the last picture in the photobook.
 Now, for the rest of my family to's the packaging/sending process of the photobook!!!

A note I included in the box..

I was literally running around like a mad woman trying to package and deliver this box.  I had been talking with Gabby throughout the day to find out when no one would be home so I could take.  Then, come to find out, Uncle Xel was leaving work early!!!!  I'm not sure how, but I managed to miss him on the road, so the delivery was a SUCCESS (as was the entire prank itself!!)!

And if you're interested, here is the 'Twas the Night poem I wrote for the book:

'Twas the night before Christmas Eve,
No Sant'Annas were home.

The water had been turned off,
and Millie was alone. (Millie = their dog)

We hadn't been to visit yet,
But we knew something wasn't right.
There was no Christmas tree up,
And outside, there were no lights.

In the den we noticed something-
two big holes in the ceiling,
So we added some decoration
For that touch of Christmas feeling.

We grabbed what we could,
Not caring if it looked nice,
We put out all the decorations,
Including a mess of lights.

The Christmas tree was missing,
Locked away in the shed,
So we found a substitute tree,
And decorated that instead.

We were all "gung-ho"
For this great Christmas prank,
But Victoria wasn't so sure-
She didn't understand Operation Krank!

But we quickly taught her well,
As we headed upstairs,

And three of us grabbed pillows,
Stuffed dogs and teddy bears. (My sister, our cousin Victoria, and I all went up to Alison's room and had a pillow fight!! It made for great pics for the book!)

After all our hard work,
We elves needed to be fed,
But we couldn't find anything to eat,
Not even a loaf of bread.

Once snacktime had passed,

A few bottles we found, (wine bottles, of course)
Vickie, Diane and Susan had their fun
And didn't make another sound. (we took pictures of them passed out on the couch!)
So we put away all the boxes,

Made sure Millie was fed,
Then we laughed at the thought
of you getting mad before bed.

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Nina Diane said...

LOVE IT....I had not read the poem. That was great!!