Tuesday, January 8, 2013

5 months til "I do"


That's how many months are left until the day.

When I get a HUSBAND.

And a new last name.

And more family.

As of January 1, 2013, I can finally say Matt & I are getting married THIS. YEAR. 

About time, right? haha. I remember January 1, 2012 telling mom we were getting married NEXT year...seems so long ago now!

So, you can betcha that on the eighth of every month, between now and June, I'll be reminding anyone who reads my blog that we're another month closer!!

Since today we are five months away from getting married, I'm going to share Five Facts about Matt & Me!

1. We went to five (hmm...5...coincidence?) high school dances together. Prom 2007, Homecoming 2007, Prom 2008, Homecoming 2008, and Prom 2009.

Prom 2007
Homecoming 2007
Prom 2008
Homecoming 2008
Prom 2009

2. We are both Greek. haha.  If you know Matt, you probably know he's in Phi Mu Delta, a social fraternity at Longwood.  Since freshman year, I've also been in a Greek organization - Phi Epsilon Kappa, the honors fraternity for my major.

Thank you, Lindsey, for this picture!! :)

3. We're both pretty competitive.  Yep, even me.  You just don't even know! I'm so glad that Jordan got this shot of us during Color Wars 2011, because it just goes to show we were definitely going to make sure that the other was wearing our class color by the time it was over..

4. We've apparently always loved the Ruffner stairs at Longwood...I don't hate it--it makes for great pictures ;)

thank you Lindsey for the pic on the left, and Jesse for the pic on the right.
5. We're on the same volleyball team for church, and we're now typically a lot more aware of where the other is during a game, unlike in this picture last Spring. haha.

thank you Lindsey Perotti for this pic! :)

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Caitlin J said...

this is so cute, I'm so happy for you...5 months for you, 10 months + 4 days for me! AHH, IT'S 2013!