Monday, January 14, 2013

Food Memories

Are there any foods or drinks that you automatically associate with a certain memory or something?

Whenever I randomly decide to buy a bottle of Yoohoo Chocolate Milk, I think about being over at Memaw and Papa's house as a child.

When I see a pack of Hershey's Chocolate Milk as I'm walking down the drinks aisle in the grocery store, I think about Halloween while I was growing up, because Aunt Dot and Uncle Lee will have usually just returned from their trip to Hershey, PA, and they always brought us back a pack of 3 cartons of chocolate milk to put in our trick-or-treat bags!

(Did I really just make 2 references to chocolate milk? You betcha.)

And when I have Coke and/or a Klondike bar, I remember all the great times my sister, cousin and I spent at Ganny and Papa's house having sleepovers.  Klondike bars always made the best dessert, and Coke only tastes good at their house! Don't ask just does!

Well, on Friday, I found a pack of Banana Nut Muffin mix in the pantry and was so excited to make them.  Why? Because I love them, and I probably haven't had one in over a year.  Just smelling the batter brought back memories from the summer of 2011.  During those summer months, I made many batches of these muffins, because they made a quick and easy grab-and-go breakfast.

Monday-Friday that summer, I would wake up at 5:30am and have a bowl of Cheerios, while still laying in bed, watching TV.  Around 6:00, I'd finally decide to get up and get ready.  At 6:20, before heading out the door, I would pack my lunch box, put on my lab coat, grab a Banana Nut Muffin and head off to my internship! For some reason, I always waited until I got to the hospital for my internship to eat the muffin as I was walking in.  And I enjoyed every last bite of it! haha.

So, late Friday morning when I grabbed a muffin as I headed out the door to run a couple of errands, I immediately started thinking about my internship.  As I ate my muffin in the car, (I decided to not wait and eat it as I walked into Target later on..), I could distinctly remember everything about walking into the hospital, walking past the waiting area for Cardiac Rehab, seeing all the usual 7:00am patients and them all greeting me simultaneously, and walking over to the staff door to wait for the nurse to get there.  I haven't thought about my internship in the longest time, but it's funny how something as simple as a muffin can bring back so many memories!

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