Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

I hope everyone had a great night celebrating last night! Trust me, I didn't get too noisy or anything...far from it actually! haha.  Matt and I hung out at his house, watched some ABCFamily movies, played Topple, I put together a Pinocchio puzzle, we got in the hot tub, and that's about it.  Pretty exciting, huh? haha. No worries, though, because I had fun!
Did any of you make new years resolutions? I haven't (yet) and don't know if I will or not. Although I do have some things I'd like to do, especially from my blog, so look forward to that in the coming future (I hope!).

I'm really looking forward to this year because...yep...GETTING MARRIED!!!!! Can't believe it's just over five months away!! Crazy how time flies!!  It's also the year that both Matt & I will fly for the first time as we head off to our awesome honeymoon destination!! :)  We'll also start living together and I'll hopefully have finally secured a full-time job (of course I'm hoping this'll happen much sooner, rather than later!).  And, as I'm pretty sure I mentioned in my 25 Days of Christmas posts, Matt & I will finally go to allllllllllll family Christmas get-togethers together. haha. 

Since I'll be starting a new chapter of my life this year (well, many chapters, actually!), I hope you'll keep reading my blog to see all the pictures I share about everything I've/we've done!

Hope you've enjoyed this first day of 2013!  How have you spent it? I started off (by sleeping in), but really by going to lunch with Abby and our cousin, Brooke, at Mexico and to exchange Christmas presents.  Christmas Day is always so hectic so the past couple years we've met up for lunch or dinner to hang out and swap gifts.  Still just as fun!!  And tonight, volleyball practice!! So ready for that!

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Nina Diane said...

it's going to be such an exciting year for you and Matt....getting married, having your own place, your first Christmas tree in your own home....so exciting.