Monday, January 28, 2013

Early Photography

This post is almost embarrassing to write. Haha.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this several times before, but if you didn’t catch those post, here’s a quick overview (and if you’ve already read this, just bear with me for a minute!).  In Henrico County, where I went to school, all of the high schools have different specialty centers that you can apply to and hopefully get into the program which you love the most.  I attended the Center for Communications at Varina High School, also my home high school (but talking about that is for a whole other post!).  In the CFC, we completed many types of communications projects, including, but DEFINITELY not limited to Talk Shows, Live Broadcasting (Varina 411 Live!), our own TV show (Roll Tape!), writing/editing/photographing for the school newspaper – The Blue Devil’s Advocate – radio shows, Shakespeare plays with a twist (honestly, probably my most favorite project we did!!), and gosh, so many more things!

During senior year, we had Rotation.  Our senior class was broken up into three groups to go with the three different rotations, which were Photography, Video and Magazine (Thanks Malm for helping me remember!). While going through some old CDs on Friday, I found my CD of pictures from Photo Rotation, and oh gosh.  I was so excited to look
through these, and it was funny remembering some of the things I took pictures of, then I thought to myself, “Wait a second, I thought these were good pictures???” haha.  I’m looking at them again now thinking, “Oh GOSH, why did I think this composition was okay?!” “Did I NOT realize this picture isn’t even in FOCUS?!” ha!  It did bring me a good laugh though when I found them!  We had six categories of pictures we took during Photo Rotation: Action, Macro, Panorama, Portrait, Self Portrait and Still Life.  The Macro pictures were my favorite to take, which you can probably tell since those are some of the better pictures I took.

Action :

Macro :
Again, it's way obvious Macro was my favorite...I couldn't pick just one to share!

And this photo I took, which I then used Photoshop to create one of my most favorite pictures ever, which is right after it!

Panorama :

I'm not going to post any of the Portrait pictures I took. 
I'm sure everyone in those pictures would prefer I didn't show pictures of them that are about 5 years old!

Self Portrait : 
 Me, I'm okay with posting these old pictures of me....even the last one! haha

Still Life :


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