Friday, January 25, 2013

Somebody better Instagram this.

You might remember that Instagram is one of my favorite apps I have on my phone....and that I even had it before I had my iPhone (and before it was on the Droid, too).  Yep, my first 12 Instagrams pictures were taken on Matt's phone....THANKS MATT :)

Speaking of Matt, some of the music he listens to is Destorm, who has a song actually called "Instagram," so, there's doubt that 95% of the time when I post a picture to Instagram, I start singing a part of this song in my head! (Also, the title of this post is lyrics from the song.)

Today, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite Instagram pictures from the past couple of months. So, yes, if you follow me on Instagram, this is probably just a big repeat for you!

This picture on the right was one of the first Instagrams I's down at the river just right after the walls were painted!

In December, Matt and I went to the Longwood/VCU Basketball game:

Here's our Christmas bell decoration, taken for the #fmsphotoaday I do:

These are the two Hallmark ornaments I bought this year. (Yes, kid at heart.)

Christmas lights on the Boardwalk at Virginia Beach!

For New Years Eve, I went back "home" to work.  I do believe I texted Matt a picture similar to this saying, "I'M HOME!!!!"

I rang in the new year with Matt!

Matt whipped up this marvelous concoction for a late night dinner!! Mmmmmm!

I knew we'd eventually make it to The Jefferson to see the Christmas lights!! Beautiful!!

Wedding planning is in full gear now...Here is Matt's "office."  haha.

And, speaking of wedding planning, we had a meeting at our venue with our caterer!!!

That's all for now! I hope you all have a great weekend!!

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