Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Trees

dining room tree
You didn't really think I was done talking about Christmas, did you??

So, here's that post that you were supposed to get last Thursday, but we were interrupted by Fun Run. haha.  Matt continues giving me a hard time about how much I play ;) and also sent me my stats on how many games I've played, how many kills, how many suicides...haha.  (No, it's not really as violet as it sounds!)

I've been wanting to share some pictures of our Christmas trees, since we put up so many! (And one didn't even get put up this usually makes an appearance like every other year.)

I could honestly probably take pictures allll day of Christmas trees and the ornaments & lights.  It's just so pretty! I especially loved colored lights :)

So, here ya of our trees, in the following order:

Living Room


Abby's Room

My room

The living room tree...

I love the glowy look of the pic on the right.

The den tree....

Here's Abby's tree:


And the dining room tree..

And, finally, my tree....

And I'll end with two fun pictures I took while playing around with my shutter speed...

I have no clue why my leg looks so huge in that previous one....

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Nina Diane said...

cool...and the trees all look beautiful