Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cousin Pictures!

It is a RARE occurrence these days for "the cousins" to all be in the same place at the same time, let alone in the same city! Abby, Gabby, Alison and I grew up together and always had tons of sleepovers when we were little! We discovered how cool our names were, because there were the Abs (Abby and Gabby) and the Als (Alison and myself).  It was perfect! haha

We have so many fun memories and we try to make more when we can now that we're all going in four different directions! Abby's usually in Farmville at school, Gabby has moved out to Short Pump and stays busy working, Alison is finishing up her senior year, and then I'm....oh wait....haha...this just got awkward. I'm still job searching and getting wedding stuff done! (But not to fear, because I do have some work lined up starting in the next couple weeks, but nothing Full Time, yet.)

When we got together for Christmas last weekend, we made sure to get a few cousins pictures taken.  I hope you enjoy these!

(Well, first, hope you enjoy that Awkward Family Photo on the right....hahaha!)

*And, it might seem like we just line right up and take a good picture right off the bat. Negative.  There were about forty pictures of us taken, and these were basically the ONLY good ones that came out!! haha. We talk too much, laugh too much, everything...


So, I definitely had to include these next two photos.
 I needed to show what a goofball Alison is! :)

P.S. Thanks, Matt for taking all of these for us! :)

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