Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Big Clean Out / Longwood Memories

Today, I crossed off something on my 2013 Goals/To-Do List {I liked this idea much better than New Years Resolutions....I wrote down a list of all the things I wanted to get done this year!}. I've actually been meaning to do it for a LONG time, just never took the time to do so.  So, what was this task, you might ask? Clean out my email! I know, exciting. 

The thing is, I'm bad about deleting emails because I think to myself, "well, what if I need to refer back to that at a later date?" Well, after graduation last May, I decided I no longer needed 4 years worth of Tim Pierson and Elsie Angus emails. Yep, that's right. I still had EVERY ONE of those emails since freshman year!! (Talk about a pack rat.)  I knew that my "Fall 2008, Spring 2009, etc." all the way to Spring 2012 folders were packed full of emails, but I never felt like taking the time to clear them out.

Then there was today.  If you don't know, I am currently subbing for New Kent County.  I'm waiting for my paperwork and all to go through for Henrico so there will be more opportunities for jobs.  Anyway, so today I was only subbing for a half day, which is still good, but I was not prepared for all but one hour to be a planning period! I had an hour and a half to do nothing!! I should've taken a book to read or something! I was opening up my email on the computer, only just to check and see what new messages I may have gotten, but then I decided I'd spend that hour and a half cleaning out my email.  I'm not quite finished, but almost 1,000 emails later....YES, OVER 1,000 email has a lot more space to fill up, not that I plan on doing that super quickly.

While it was great to get all of those emails out of there, it was kind of funny to go through and see all the emails that were still filed away (no, I didn't read all of them!!).  Now, unless you go to or went to Longwood, 99% of these emails probably won't make any sense to you. But, if there are some Longwood readers who happened upon my blog, I hope you get a kick out of some of these:
  • All of the Oktoberfest and Spring Weekend band line-ups! I kind of forgot that Matt Nathanson came for Oktoberfest sophomore year, but then I remember how fun that Oktoberfest was because Matt came to visit for the weekend from Ferrum! I also forgot about the whole Three 6 Mafia situation...
  • Emails and Evals for FTLW and WTLW. Why those didn't end up my RA folders in my email, I'm not sure... {Oh, which reminds me, I have to clean out those too I suppose..}
  • Freshman year, my suitemate/future roommate Jordan's youth pastor did a campus tour and went to visit all of the college students and take them to dinner.  Jordan invited me to go to dinner with them and it was great! We went out for Mexican at La Parota!  I had completely forgotten about it until I found the pictures of us at dinner that Jordan had emailed me! :)
  • The tornado warnings back in April 2011. I forget that happens sometime, but when I'm reminded of it, I remember the whole day so vividly.  It was, sadly, the day Matt and I came home because we had to put Chestnut down at the vet.  Matt & I ended up driving back to Longwood in parts of the storm and pretty much right after we got back, the buildings were on lockdown, and I remember Emily and I, as RAs, getting all of the residents down to the basement and in the stairwells.  It was so hot getting everyone down there to be safe.
  • The World Record attempt!! I actually had been helping with this earlier the day of the tornado.  One of the RA staffs decided that for their Campus Wide to try and set a world record for the Largest Paper Mache ball.  It was SUCH an awesome event and I love knowing that I get to help contribute to it!
  • My ONE CENT credit for Lancer Cash.  Yes, that's right. One cent.  During the summer of 2010, our family went to Longwood for Abby to do immediate decision with her application.  Well, on the way to Longwood, she found a spelling mistake in one of her essays.  When we got to Longwood we went to the library so she could re-type the page and print it. Well, since I was the only one as a student at the time, I had to use my ID to print that 9 cent page. Then, we went to cashiering to try and pay for it, and naturally the person was out on vacation or something. What did we do? We left a dime in an envelope for that person! ha. So, I just always had that one cent credit to my account!
  • Finally, some of the greatest emails: emails from the Registrar saying I would be graduation, and all of the emails about Commencement instructions, like when to get our tickets, where to go, etc.
There were plenty more emails that I came across, but of course I'm not going to bore everyone with them ;) I was just excited to finally get my email somewhat cleaned out!! {I keep getting warning emails that my account is too full....haha}

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