Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Recap!

I've been so excited to do this post but I knew it was going to be A LOT of work (which is why I got a big head start on it!).*  I'm going to go month-by-month from the whole year and share fun and exciting things that happened throughout 2012. When I told Abby I was doing this, her immediate response was, "I better be on there!!!!" haha.  Hope you're happy to find yourself in some pictures, sissy :)

*Even though I got a big head start yesterday, I should've started DAYS ago! Well, had I known I was going to change my mind with what I was doing as I started this blog post!!  I was just going to post a picture or two for each thing, but then I got this marrrrvelous idea to do a photo collage for each one instead.
Wow Mallory.  Did you really think that was as easy as it sounds? Not.  Four hours later, I'm now posting this blog...

[I also had intentions of making a "2012 Recap" graphic like I did for the 25 days of Christmas. However, after staring at the computer for so long this afternoon, my eyes can't take it!!!]

Abby got into Sigma Sigma Sigma (Tri Sigma) at Longwood! She was so excited to go through recruitment and she stays busy hanging out with her sisters and doing events with her sorority! (See, Abby, you even made the first highlight of the year! haha.)

Matt & I tried some delicious recipes I found on Pinterest, and they were very successful! I highly recommend them!

Longwood received some pretty exciting news: we officially became a part of the Big South conference!!

Geez, Abby, you made the first highlight for February, too! But, that's a given since you're birthday is the 1st! My post from her birthday this year was also really cool because it was my 200th blog post!

Then came Men's Fraternity Walk. (Much like how Abby got into Tri Sigma at the sorority walk.)  These are always some of my favorite events at Longwood.

Then, of course, Valentine's Day Matt made me a delicious dinner & we watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. 

I was lucky enough to be able to attend many Men's Basketball games during my last semester at Longwood! yay!

It was the ending of one of the organizations I was involved in at Longwood, Mortar Board.  I received my medal that I would wear at Graduation!  


I ran the Monument Avenue 10K for the 3rd (?) time.  This year, I had a running partner, Matt! And it's a good thing, because I probably would've quit had he not been running with me!

I also helped out the Special Education Ambassadors with their Spring Fling.  Kelsey, who I worked with as a RA, was in charge of the event so I didn't mind helping out.

Over Spring Break, my cousin Gabby took me to Belle Isle for the FIRST time! How had I never been there before?!

Another awesome Longwood event: LIP SYNC! I loved Lip Sync that semester even more because both Abby & Matt participated!!

No pictures for this event!! Check out the link above to see videos, though!!
Finally, BCM Ball!   


I ordered new lens filters for my camera and was so excited to play around with them.  I had some fun at home when I came back one weekend.

Of course, Abby, Matt and I decorated Easter Eggs!

We had Pendleton Easter at my cousin Aimee's house.  All those little inch worms were EVERYWHERE during that time of year.  And, as always, the big Easter Egg hunt!!

The Cunninghams/Colonnades Campus Wide Event: LIFE SIZED GAMES!!!

Then came a big weekend at Longwood: Spring Weekend!! :)

My friend, Emily, planned and organized a fabulous Relay for Life event.  Mom even came down and walk the Survivor's Lap!

The SADDEST event of the month: Passdowns.  While it's fun to pass down everything to those who will still be at Longwood, it's also sad to pass down such memorable things!    


During my last week at Longwood, I walked around campus and took a few (yeah, right, just "a few") pictures.  I've done this a lot of times so I'm sure I do have some duplicate pictures from over the years ;)
After taking Abby to the Dulles airport to head to Spain, Mom and I stayed up there.  That Friday evening we spent hours upon hours shopping at Potomac Mills & walking around IKEA, and then Saturday was spent in DC walking the National Mall and then heading to Georgetown for, you guessed it, cupcakes!!
I also spent a lot of time in May (and the beginning of June) Skyping with Abby!  


One of my dear, dear friends, Catt, got married!! It was sooo beautiful and I'm still so excited that I got to be there at her wedding :)

On the way back to Dulles airport, we went to Arlington Cemetery.  I had never been before but it was so neat!


We went to Susan (Suki!) and David's house for the 4th of July...they always have great fireworks!!

Matt turned 21!! For his birthday, I took him to Cinébistro and we saw The Amazing Spiderman.  


First we went to the 76th Law Family Reunion in Cascade, VA.
My birthday!! :) :)  And yes, I had two cakes! A good 'ol Ukrops 7 layer chocolate cake, and then Matt made me the rainbow one!

I SUCCEEDED with a Pinterest craft!! I was so excited how the jars turned out! 
I also cleaned out my nail polish.  Not a big deal to you? You have no idea how much of a deal it was for me to clean through all of it! haha
October was a busy month!! The first highlight of the month is HUGE!! I CUT MY HAIR!!

That following weekend, I headed to Longwood for Oktoberfest, and surprised Abby & Matt BIG time with my new hair! (And here's the link to the second Oktoberfest post! ha)

I also changed something else about me.  Well, sorta.  I changed my license plates, haha.  No more OMG MALP driving around!

I went to the New Kent High School Homecoming Game where my cousin, Alison, was crowned Homecoming Queen!!

And, finally, Halloween!! I had a lot of fun taking pictures of my pumpkin before carving it, and then spent many hours setting up outside for a fun night!

I made one of my last trips to Longwood to visit Matt. Sad, sad, sad.  But I'm sure I'll be back sometime to visit Abby!
Mom and I went to Longwood to see the Christmas decorations, and went to dinner with Matt & Abby.
I put up my Christmas tree!! yay!!
Finally, I started the BEST. JOB. EVER. 

I did my 4th 25 Days of Christmas series of posts! This year was Christmas movies!
We went to the parades in Varina and had a blast all day!
I took pictures of a friend's daughter, Riley.  Isn't she cute?!
Abby took mine and Matt's annual Christmas Eve pictures.
CHRISTMAS!!!   (*No, Matt did not get pretzels for Christmas....haha)
One of mine & Abby's Christmas presents to Mom was a night down in Virginia Beach on the Boardwalk.  Every time we've gone down to see the lights on the boardwalk, Mom always said how cool it would be to stay in a hotel one night after seeing the lights.  Abby and I had this present idea planned since BEFORE Christmas LAST year!  On the way down, we also took a little drive through Colonial Williamsburg!
If I plan on doing this same kinda recap next year, I'm starting a week before! Or I'll try to tell myself to make the collage at the end of every month (that won't happen).
Hope everyone has a safe & Happy New Year!!!
See you in 2013!!   


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happy new years! congrats on the amazing adventure you've had this year! may God bless you in 2013! :)

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great post...I love yearly recaps!!