Monday, December 17, 2012

25 Days of Christmas: Day 17

Okay, you guessed it (or most likely, you didn't)...but I have another ABCFamily movie for you!  The first time I saw this last year, it was one of those Saturday mornings when I woke up and just turned on ABCFamily.  If you may not know, all day Saturday and Sunday, ABCFamily just plays movies, so it's great!  On that morning when I turned on the TV, it wasn't quite December yet, but they were still playing Christmas movies (okay in my book).  The movie Snow was on, and although it sometimes takes me a while to get into movies I've never seen before and know nothing about, I was quickly interested!

One of Santa's new reindeer ends up in a California zoo, so Santa has to come down to bring him back home.  Of course, that task would never be as easy at sounds! You'll have to check out the movie to see how Santa completes this task, while trying not to let Professor Lasky (okay, his name is actually Buck in this movie. Sorry, I tend to refer to people from where I first saw them! In this case, Saved by the Bell.) discover his secrets, and, like in a lot of movies, trying to figure out what to do after falling in love...and of course, SAVE CHRISTMAS! :)

Happy Monday!!

*I had to come back and add this in....this my 300th blog post!! Crazy!!*

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