Friday, December 14, 2012

25 Days of Christmas: Day 14

Now, I will warn you, if you get emotional when watching touching movies, I may not necessarily recommend this movie to you.  The Christmas Shoes is definitely one of those movies that belongs on The Hallmark Channel (right over there with Mrs. Miracle).  There are so many important themes to be taken away from the movie that can be used in our everyday lives, but people only seem to remember them around the holidays.  It really shows you not to take your time with your family for granted (an appropriate theme for today's sad occurrences), don't let your work take away your time from the things that truly matter, and always make sure you have a nice pair of shoes on hand! (Okay, so last one was just to try and bring a bit of humor to what can potentially be a really depressing movie/blog post!)  Do I recommend the movie? Of course! Am I saying that if you're emotional, be prepared for tears?
Most definitely.  However, did I cry while watching it? No.  Hope that doesn't make me cold-hearted, haha.

And, I did say yesterday that today's movie was going to take me down memory lane a little bit.  Why, because of the song with the same name as today's movie.  "The Christmas Shoes" song is an extremely sad Christmas song, and come to think of it, I actually haven't heard it once this Christmas season on Lite98! Crazy! Back in high school, my friend Scott loved this song.  He loved it so much that I can distinctly remember being in our Editing class (for the school's newspaper, The Blue Devils Advocate), and he would play the song on repeat!! If I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure he annoyed a teacher or two with the song being played so much ;)  But, it never fails.  Every time I hear this song, I think of Scott!  The song actually came first, then came a book, and then the movie I'm using for today's 25 Days of Christmas post!

If you've got a few minutes, here's the song The Christmas Shoes, along with some clips from the movie throughout the song.  
I am not to blame if you cry!!

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