Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Parades

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the parade day in Varina!!

It starts off with a parade down the road in the early afternoon, and ends with a boat parade in the evening! You'll see some pictures below of the regular parade, but I didn't take any pictures of the boat parade (I would never have been close enough to get good shots, plus, by that time, I was too cold to have my camera out! haha). However, to give you an idea, later that night, everyone lines up on the river and waits for the boats to come by.  People decorate their boats in TONS of Christmas lights, and they drive by for everyone to see.  Some get a lot more into it than others, but they're all still fun to see!

This year, we hung out at the parades with the Noltes and the Burkes! Luckily, we couldn't have asked for better weather for the day!!

Here are Matt & Abby waiting for the first parade to start:

The parade finally got to us!!

Then, we went down to the Boat Landing and set up camp! 
We had a great set up with the tent, grill, food, cornhole, everything! 
It was such a great way to pass the time between the parades! 

Now, here's a little "series" of pictures....
Abby's blind taste test of the holiday flavored Pringles:
Cinnamon & Sugar -and- White Chocolate Peppermint!

Don't know why...just love this picture of Matt!

Every time we take pictures, it goes like this:
We get a good picture.....

But then we get these.......

And we end with another good one!

The same kind of goes for Abby & me as well...

But I couldn't post a lot of the silly pictures, because at least one of us looks 100% ridiculous in each one!

Abby, Mom and me.

The moms with their festive headbands :)

Time for some cornhole!

Our whole set up...yep, we take up a lot of parking spaces (but they're all ours!).

And we did have some decorations up..haha. We'll have more next year ;)

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