Tuesday, December 25, 2012

25 Days of Christmas: Day 25

I can't believe it.  The last post of my FOURTH 25 Days of Christmas blog posts! While there were a few days where I got the posts up later than I would've liked, I enjoyed posting these! And, actually, 95% of them were already planned out....starting back in October, believe it or not! (No, I don't like to plan ahead or anything like that...)

I kind of feel like everyone and their second cousin's best friend should have seen this move at least once in their life.  However, I have not. Hahaha. I've seen most of the movie, but I've never sat down and watched it completely from start to finish.  And, before you ask, YES, I'm aware that every year on December 25th it's on
for 24 hours! My friend, Casey, used to tease me because it's on for THAT long, and I never manage to watch the whole thing.  And every year I say I'm actually going to watch it this time, but I get so caught up in the rest of the Christmas spirit that I just push that to the back of my mind.  I mean, really, I can watch a movie any time, but Christmas only comes once a year!

I still love to quote the movie from what parts I have seen (and probably the most famous quotes from the movie), i.e., "You'll shoot your eye out!" or "I triple-dog-dare ya!" And I may or may not have several leg lamp Christmas ornaments, one of which plays different quotes when you press the button, for example, my favorite line to quote, "FRA-GI:L-E!" [It must be Italian..] haha.

Yep, this is a nightlight I got for Christmas one year!
Merry Christmas, everyone!! I hope you all enjoy the day!!

And not to forget anything or anyone, today is also my future brother-in-law's birthday! Happy Birthday!
(Yeah, maybe I am just a tad bit excited to say "in-law" haha)

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Nina Diane said...

this one is my second favorite Christmas movie......we watched it Christmas eve this year while playing cards!