Monday, December 12, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 11

When I was younger, I was involved with G.A.s at church. G.A.s stands for Girls in Action. Basically, it was a time for all of the middle school girls to get together, have some fun and also learn different Bible stories and/or verses. I also went to G.A. camp 2 summers and had lots of fun! Also in G.A.s, we would have craft or bake sales to raise money for different offerings or organizations. One year, a lady at church --who was known for her work sewing, making clothes, crafting, and everything else you can think of-- taught us how to make these star ornaments. After making TONS of them, we had a sale at church. I got 2 from that sale, and the one I have with the all pink beads, I also made one identical to that just for Ganny.

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