Tuesday, December 20, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 18

Ever since I was born, I've been to Sunday School and Church. I could tell you a story about every single Sunday School class I was in, but there's on class from my childhood that I'll remember the most--Mrs. Norma's class. She is one of the nicest ladies at church and sure doesn't act her age ;) She always had stories about her grandchildren and always knew what we liked to do during class! She always had some sort of activity or craft for us to do and was careful to be sure we got every last detail done perfectly! One year for Christmas we made these ornaments. Now, when she first showed us the final product and said that's what we were going to be making, we all freaked out! There was no way; it looked way too hard!! Well, two Sundays later when we were holding up our finished products, we couldn't believe we had actually made them! We gave the ornaments as gifts, and I gave mine to Mom. It hangs on our living room tree, and I hang it up on the exact same branch every year. (I can only tell you that because there's a hole in between the brances of our artificial tree that looks just like it was made for this ornament to hang!).

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