Friday, December 2, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 2

Every year for Christmas, my dad gives my sister and I some small, yet important. For a while, everything we got each year had our birthstone on it. Then for a couple years we got ballet ornaments. Of the several ballet dancer ornaments he's given, this one is my favorite. It's probably my favorite because it involves two of my favorite things: dance and GLITTER!! (If you didn't know, I danced for 14 years before I came to Longwood.) I wish you were able to see how sparkly this ornament really is, but of course, because of the flash, it just doesn't show up as flashy!
And the years where we've gotten these ornaments, in all the excitement of opening gifts, Abby and I tend to not think about whether or not a gift might be we've been told several times that we can't open this present too fast, haha. And maybe you can see why--these dancers' legs are so tiny and would snap off in a heartbeat!

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