Wednesday, December 14, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 14

Four years ago, at the start of Christmas break, I got my acceptance letter to Longwood. Craziest day ever. I remember getting the mail when I got home, seeing the huge envelope with my name on it, only hoping to open it and find good news. I waited until I parked my car to open it, but I didn't wait to get in the house first..I was just too excited. Wanna know about something even crazier? Here I am, four years later, on my last Christmas break ever, and what came to me in the mail yesterday addressed to me (my full name) from the President's Office? Oh, you know, just all the information about my graduation announcements. Excuse me, but, didn't I just get to Longwood like, last week? It really doesn't feel real to me that I'll be graduating in May (2 days ago, it was exactly 5 months til graduation!). I just wrote about this on my Student Blog last week -- how I only have one semester left at Longwood!! When Matt and I were coming home Saturday afternoon after closing, I said, "Next time I leave Longwood at the end of the semester, I'm not going back." (Of course I will be going back though, because I'll still have friends there, Abby will still be there, I won't wanna miss Oktoberfest and Spring Weekend, and plus, Matt will be graduating next year!) So unreal though. So, naturally, you can probably figure why this ornament is appropriate to post for today!

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