Friday, December 9, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 8

So, I definitely meant on posting yesterday...I had every intention of doing so. I just had a very productive day. Then, at 11:45 when Matt was bringing me back to my building, I said, "Oh no!! I have 15 minutes left to write a blog!!!" Well, of course, when I got back, my computer and internet freaked out on me. I watched as the time was getting closer and closer to midnight. Then, when it finall read 12:00am, I said to myself, "Well, it's officially tomorrow; I guess I'll just write them both in the morning when I wake up." Which is what I'm doing now! So, here's the story about the ornament: I specifically remember waking up one morning when I was younger--my Christmas tree was up in my room, and I was just looking at in the morning. Well, when I looked at this one, it freaked me out. Why? Because there didn't used to be a person in the doorway. That morning, right as I looked at it, an elf (not a person) popped out of the doorway and just stood there! (Well, at least that's what I swore had happened!). I got out of bed, took the ornament off my tree, and took it downstairs to show Mom. It freaked me out a little, and I didn't put it back on my tree right away, haha. But, many years later, the ornament is still on my tree. And every year when Matt comes over to help me decorate my tree, he hears that same story over and over again! ha!

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