Thursday, December 29, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 24

Sooooo, what's December 24th?? Why, that's the night Santa comes, of course! We have these ornaments of Santa and Mrs. Claus on our den tree, and they're always hung together. This year, Abby tried hanging them in two different places, and Mom and I just looked at her like she was nuts!! So I made sure that these two ended up together when we were done! lol. Christmas Eve is always busy for me, just like any other day leading up to Christmas! I went to Matt's house for Christmas Eve Brunch, which is the 5th time I've been now!! (I wrote this just for Matt as he thinks about how long we've been together and how much longer we'll be together! haha!). After that, I came home and had a few things to do: finish up wrapping the last few presents, help Momma cook, etc., and then we had Christmas Eve service at church! So, even though it's a busy day, it's still a great day! Almost as great as Christmas itself!
And get ready for the final post!! It's a new ornament that had to make it into the top 25 favorites ;)

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Nina Diane said...

I think I love Christmas eve as much as Christmas day. It's busy but it's the fun kind of busy. And the anticipation is so much fun!!