Thursday, December 29, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 23

This ornament was sad to hang up this year :( Last year, I made this for Chesnut and gave it to him as a Christmas present (don't ask...I wanted him to like Christmas as much as me. Why I thought he'd need a ornament, I do not know!! lol). When we were decorating the tree, Abby pulled out this ornament and said, "Awww." and I said, "Don't hang that up! I want to!" Her reply?: "Whyyyyy, I made it!!" I laughed and said, "No you didn't, I did!" Then she laughed and said, "Oh yeah, you're right!" haha. It was great. But I'm sure that Chesnut had a good Christmas in doggy heaven.

P.S. If you've noticed, I spelled his name on the ornament "Chestnut" but I type his name as "Chesnut." The way it's written on the ornament is correct, but when I say his name, I never pronouce the middle "t" which is why I don't include it!

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