Tuesday, December 13, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 13

My baseball career started and ended early. I played t-ball for one season, then stopped because I hated to sweat! haha! Kind of ironic since I'm about go graduate with an Exercise Science degree....funny how things work out! Even though I didn't like playing any form of baseball, I love going to baseball games. We've been to a lot of Richmond Braves games when they were still here. I've had a baseball glove signed by Diamond Duck, and had my picture taken with him on my 17 Birthday! I think I've actually been to a game for my birthday twice, or maybe I'm just making that up. I was sad when we no longer at the Braves here, but I was so excited when we finally got a new team: The Richmond Flying Squirrels. Yes, the Flying Squirrels. I'd really like to know who came up with that idea...but anyway. Since we have another team, I've been to more games, and I think I love it even more!!Nutsy (the team mascot) is also pretty cool....but ignores me every time I try to take with him...fail. Last summer I went to a Flying Squirrels game with the rest of the Chick-fil-a employees. It was so much fun! I had gone with a few of my friends to The Nuthouse, aka the gift shop, and I found this Christmas ornament. I picked it up, knowing I was going to buy it, and one of my friends said, "That is SO you, Mallory!" (See, everyone knows about my love for Christmas!). It just hit me why I might love the Flying Squirrels more. When they came, a few changes were made on the menu at the concession stand, to make the food more appropriate, I guess. Therefore, the combo meal I always have to get is a hotdog, a drink, and SQUIRRELY fries!! But, regardless of what team I've been to see at The Diamond, there's one thing that hasn't changed: I love to get Dippin' Dots when I'm there!!

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