Saturday, December 3, 2011

25 Days of Christmas: Day 3

One of my favorite things about Longwood is all of the Longwood traditions.
Anything from Oktoberfest and Color Wars, Spring Weekend and Oozeball, Thanksgiving Dinner, the tree lighting, Walk, etc...the list goes on! But I think two of the coolest Longwood traditions are Chi and Princeps. I've written about them a couple of times, but if you don't remember or you missed those posts, Chi and Princeps are the two secret societies at Longwood. Chi represents the spirit of Longwood and Princeps recognizes for scholarship and academics. No one knows anyone who's in these societies, nor do they know how to get in. Throughout the year, members of both of these societies leave "droppings" around campus. It's kind of rare to find them and they're supposed to bring you good luck! They can be anything from small squares of fabric, to rubber ducks, to (my favorite) ornaments!!! Over the years, I've had three Chi/Princeps ornaments in my possession. The gold ornament with the red 7 (Princeps) is the one I found. During the last week of classes during the fall semester of my sophomore year, I found it hanging in a tree as I was walking to breakfast! I was SO excited. The black snowflake ornament is also a Princeps dropping, but it was passed down to me last year by my elf-sized Christmas friend, Sara :) The blue ornament is my Chi ornament. This was also passed down to me last year by Shannon!

Here's where they've all been hanging this year (this is over my bed):

As of yesterday afternoon, I only have two. No, I didn't do something bad or lose it or anything!! Instead, I gave it to someone as a Christmas passdown. They needed some more Christmas in their room so I thought, why not pass one down now instead of waiting until April/May? Well, the lucky recipient of that ornament was, of course, my sister :)

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