Monday, August 26, 2013

Our Honeymoon: Day 1 in Jamaica

Once we first got to the resort, our bags were taken out of the van and we waited in the lobby, which was an outdoor lobby, admiring the beautiful scenery around us! It was so beachy, tropical, and relaxing! Even though we were still outside, the lobby was part of the resort--and by that, I mean there was still a ceiling, walls, a lounge area to wait....and little did we know, but right down the hall to the right was our room! It was really neat!

After getting checked in and putting our bags in our room, we met one of our two butlers, Sheldon!  He was so nice to us throughout the entire week!  He took us on a tour of the resort, gave us some tips to know for our stay, and then made our dinner reservations.  That was a really nice perk of having a butler for the week...we never had to make reservations for dinner.  We just decided on a restaurant and showed up at the correct time!

So, here are the pictures I know MANY people are the most excited about!

These flowers were in the lobby of the resort and I lovvvved them.  I feel like I took a picture of them every time we walked passed them! haha.  I keep telling Matt I want flowers like this at home... :)

This was waiting for us in our room:

And, here's our room!

This is the hallway to the right of the sinks:

And this was to the left:

And THIS was our view.  We never got tired of looking at it :)

Ah, yes, I can still remember like it was yesterday...standing at the window looking out!

You can kind of tell in the picture above, but we had a sliding glass door in the room, which was really nice!

After looking around the room, we went walking around the resort to check things out!

These two pictures were taken from the lobby area, facing the back of the resort.
The building you see straight ahead is the gift shop!

I made sure to take pictures of the flowers around the resort, because I knew our moms would like them!

This was something I was NOT expecting....Peacocks!  There were peacocks everywhere!

This is a picture of the resort, taken from the gift shop across the way:

So, once you're back at the resort you walk through the lobby area to the pool, beach, and everything else, you pass this.  And I had to laugh, because, for the duration of our stay, I don't think I ever saw anyone there, lol, or if there were people there, I completely ignored them, ha.

Once you walk through that area, you walk through the terrace {pictures of that tomorrow!}, and you can go to the pool, down to the east or west beaches, or to one of the restaurants.

Our first trip down to the beach:

Ahh, yes, finally :)

Our room is right in the middle of this picture, just above all of the leaves:

This pathway went all the way across the front of the resort, and connected the east and west beaches.

Here we are right before going to our first dinner at the resort! 

{I know the lighting is terrible, but I didn't care at the time, haha}

Our first dinner was out on the terrace, and it was SO awesome!  Our reservations were at 7:30 {pronounced "seven turt-y"} and that was the same time we had dinner each night.

There was an Italian Buffet that night {which I thought was really strange..}, so we were told to go ahead inside to get some food.  It was awesome!! All kinds of bruschetta, cheese & crackers, pasta, soups, etc., etc.  We got lots of good food, and when I say good, I mean it was good!  Then, here's the kicker.  I didn't know that was just appetizers, haha.  So then we were given menus to order from...we both had filet mignon! And, despite the fact that we had already eaten from the buffet, we still ate everything on our plates! It was just THAT good! Unfortunately, this was the one night we don't have pictures of our food from.  It was too dark outside, and quite frankly, at the time, just didn't care about it all that much.

The ambiance of the terrace was also really neat.  In a little gazebo area towards the front, was a local Jamaican band playing and it was so much fun to hear! It really made you feel like you were in the Caribbean........eating Italian food! haha.  The gazebo had colorful lights inside, all of the tables had candles on them, and other than light coming through the windows of the resort, that was all the light there was, but it was very nice and relaxing! And even though it was still hot outside, you never even thought about it.

Which reminds me of something I've said that you may or may not have caught:  we started eating dinner at 7:30....and it was dark outside.  Every night, the sun set at 6:30, and this confused me a lot! I was finally used it to by the end of the night, but at 7:00 when we were just in our room watching TV, waiting to go to dinner, I kept thinking stuff like, "Okay, it is pitch black dark outside and we still haven't eaten dinner.  This is so strange!" haha.

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