Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our Wedding: Monthly 8th Meetings

Today is kind of funny because if I look back seven months,
six months, five months, four months, and three months from today, I'd be sitting around a dining room table with Matt, all of our parents, and depending on the month and location, either Matt's brother or my sister would be there.  Why?  For a wedding meeting, of course!

Starting in January, on the 8th of every month, we had our monthly family wedding meetings, just to make sure everything was covered.  Our meetings even had agendas....

We'd meet at either of our houses, and on one occasion, at Roma's, and we'd have dinner & dessert before we got to work!

We'd all update on various things, where we were with vendors, sending out invitations, receiving RSVPs, and the list goes on!  At the end of every meeting, all of us would have specific things that we needed to do in order to stay on track for the wedding.  Then, the next
time we all met up, we'd basically go around the table and update on where we were on each of those tasks, what things were 100% done and which things needed more time.  I know, it may sound really redundant, but my gosh was it work it.  There were papers of checklists, guest lists, to-do lists and more going around the table {with enough copies for everyone, of course ;) }.

Having monthly meetings like this leading up to the big day is DEFINITELY something I'd recommend.  It was an easy way for everyone to be updated at the same time and everyone always knew what was going on.  We could enlist help on certain tasks, if needed, or look at which things really didn't need as much time.  It was also much easier working out logistics at these meetings, because stuff like that stresses me out to the max and goes straight over my head! 

There would be some occasions where we may not have all understood what was going on {I'll take the blame for this, because I'm absolutely terrible at explaining things, haha}, but in the end, it didn't matter because everything came out wonderfully!  If everyone had done their job and we didn't have monthly meetings to keep everyone on track, I'm sure there would have been some things that never successfully made it through wedding day, if they made it at all!

I know this post isn't all that interesting and there aren't many pictures to look at, but I thought it was a good detail of our wedding planning to look back on! And don't worry, there will be lots of fun pictures tomorrow...thanks to our wonderful friends & family!!!  ;)

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