Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our Wedding: Miscellaneous Details

So, I feel like I've talked about basically everything so far!  I mean, there's only but so much I can say about our wedding, right? haha.

But, there are still quite a few more wedding posts to come! :)  {And, not to worry, I still have more fun posts lined up for when all the wedding ones are done! :) }

There's no specific "theme" for today's post.  Before I start going into more specific things in next weeks posts, I just wanted to share a few more detail shots from throughout the wedding day!

Plus! There's another huge shout out and thank you included below! :)

My bouquet was a mix of pinks, oranges and greens, with a white ribbon tied around it.  The bridesmaids bouquets {not pictured} were white hydrangeas with either pink, orange, or green ribbon tied around {to correspond with their dress color}.

When I bought these shoes, they weren't even intended to be my wedding shoes! haha.  I happened to see them at DSW and fell in love with them!! There were rainbow sparkly and super comfortable and easy to walk in!  I originally wanted either pink, orange or green shoes to wear for the wedding, but couldn't find a single pair I loved enough to buy.  So, I decided to use the DSW shoes I majorly loved.  Oh, and I did I mention they were super on sale?! Even. Better.

My dress came from Alfred Angelo.  We bought it actually back in January 2012! Mom, Abby, Matt's Mom, and Aunt Sherrie went with me to pick it out, and after that, I really didn't tell anyone that I had it already.  I was just avoiding all of the questions of what it looked like, because I didn't want to share any details.

The dress had the exact material I'd wanted and just enough details on it.  I believe when I tried it on, I said something like, "I love how there's bling here, bling here, then, woop, more bling there!"   haha.

One of my mom's really good friends, and a very good family friend from church did the alterations on my dress! Ambra, thank you times a million for all of the hard work and time you put into making my dress perfect!!!  I will always be so thankful for your help!!!

Luckily, the dress fit wonderfully, except, like most things, I needed it hemmed....A LOT. So, Ambra worked her magic and made it great!  She also altered the neckline to make it a sweetheart neckline, rather than just straight across.  Finally, she made the bustle for my dress!  There were some long hours of me standing in my dress and heels between her and mom making sure everything was right before the final thing was done! haha.

To go with my dress, I had my dream veil! I loved the bling around the edges that matched my dress so well, and while it might have been kind of expensive, I just loved it!
Also, I bought my earrings because they matched the details on the dress, and the shape of them went so well with the sweetheart shape of my dress neckline.

The flower girl dress came from David's Bridal.  Seriously, one of the most fun times of the whole planning process was meeting up at David's Bridal with mom, the two flower girls, Ashleigh and Victoria, Matt's mom {who is Ashleigh's aunt}, and Aimee, {who is Victoria's mom and my cousin}.

Ashleigh and Victoria picked out their cute dresses!  They looked like fancy cupcakes when they would sit down in them!

I didn't like the ribbon color choices at David's Bridal, so I went to the one thing I knew a lot about after making a lot of our wedding decor, etc....RIBBON.  I'm not ashamed to say that I paid less than $2.00 on the pink ribbon to tie around both Ashleigh & Victoria.  Can't believe I'm saying this, but shout out to Wal-Mart for having cheap by-the-yard ribbon in the exact color needed!

The baskets the flower girls carried were from Hobby Lobby.  Mom and I have been keeping an eye on these forever, just to make sure they never ran out.  They were shaped like flower petals coming up the sides, and Mom wove sheer pink ribbon through the bottom and tied it off in a bow.

We wanted really simple ceremony decorations....almost next to nothing.

We have pink, orange, and green ribbons tied off on the inside chairs of the first three rows. Very simple, but brings in some color.

In the grass of this picture, you can kind of see some pink and orange specs...those were rose petals that were scattered throughout the grass that Matt and I just loved!!

We had two flower arrangements on pedestals at the altar.  

And, that awesome arbor you see behind us?  Matt designed it {I attempted to help, but kind of got stressed about it..haha} and Matt's dad made it!!  We have it in our garage now for when we set up a patio area at the house to have it on!

That's all for tonight! More to come tomorrow!

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